What Happens When You Pop A Pimple...?

  • by Kim Lockard

When you pop a pimple yourself do you really know what you're doing to your skin? there's a reason why skin experts and dermatologists say you shouldn't do it.. the damage it causes can be detrimental to your skin long-term.

  • You spread the infection! Popping a pimple can actually scatter the infected material throughout your skin, not only causing the existing pimple to get worse, but also instigating additional breakouts, too.
  • The breakout may not go away... Most people think that popping a pimple will instantly make it go away, but, that's not always the case. Whatever is lodged within the pore can get pushed down deeper inside, it's like giving a pimple more stamina to stick around.
  • You can make a small pimple fester into something much bigger! Inflammation is part of the recipe for a breakout, and the force placed on your skin by trying to squeeze a pimple can actually cause more inflammation to ensue.
  • You can rip your skin... This one holds true for trying to extract a pimple with your nails or a tool - Leave it to
  • A scab can form! Pimple or not, anytime anything on your skin is opened up, your body sends a signal to your skin that an injury has occurred, sending your skin into healing mode.

Article provided by Newbeauty.com