The Human Ken Doll!

  • by Kim Lockard

The Human Ken Doll…
His name is Justin Jedlica and now has trade marked The Human Ken Doll due to many plastic surgeries, most of which are silicone implants.  He designed certain body parts giving him a physique that looks like he has hit the gym for hours and hours every day of his life. His popularity grew when he was featured on Botched, a new series on E entertainment. He wanted implants put in by the now famous Dr. Debrow, who is featured and host on Botched. Justin said of the name "the Human Ken Doll"..."That was something that came out in the 20/20 interview. They said it in passing. It was cute. It was catchy," he said on Ice & Coco Thursday, August 13th. "At the time there was a Human Barbie doll figure out there. Everybody just pieced one with the other. It wasn't really in my thought process initially to look like a doll."
Justin has already had 190 cosmetic procedures in his bid to transform himself into a human Ken doll. The 34-year-old Botched star, from New York, also underwent a four-piece back enhancement surgery using implants he handcrafted himself.
'I’ve had nearly every part of my body worked on,' admitted Jedlica, who so far has spent an incredible $220,000 on plastic surgery.
At the age of seventeen, Jedlica, unhappy with his appearance began to research his first cosmetic procedure, rhinoplasty. Over the last decade, Jedlica has undergone approximately 190 cosmetic procedures. These have included rhinoplasty, chest implants, shoulder implants, bicep implants, triceps implants, brow shaving and lifts, cheek augmentations, subpectoral implants, thigh implants, gluteoplasty, lip augmentations and calf implants. When I met him in July he also informed me of the silicone syringes he received in his buttocks in New York at a tune of $900 (I believe) per syringe of which he had a large amount of syringes . This is permanent way to enlarge an area, it is almost impossible to remove. I wouldn’t suggest ever doing this!



As a plastic surgery expert, Justin keeps himself educated and updated with the most current of all possible aesthetic procedures. As a pioneer and aesthetic innovator himself, he has personally been through a myriad of these procedures and can help you find the right specialist for any modification. In addition, Justin is willing to meet with you and custom design any implant to fit your personal anatomy or artistic desires. He wants to do this as a form of a career, he is very good at it, and told me how he did it and found reputable places to make the implants. This would be especially helpful with deformities or after an accident.
He's been accused of being a narcissist and of having body dysmorphic disorder. He says that's nonsense, and that he sees himself as an artist whose medium is his own body. I found him extremely nice, informative, free flowing with any questions that I asked, he is a lot taller than I thought and very thin. Yes, he did have a certain appearance to him, but he is on a trail to really help others that need special designed silicone implants. Good luck Justin!